Products & Services Offered

We specialize in the design and manufacture of:

  • Static Pressure vessels made from ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Large Capacity Gas Storage Vessels constructed to Australian and Overseas Codes
  • Headers for Power Industry
  • Pipe Spooling – small to medium sized Projects
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers – small to very large units up to 200 Tonnes fabricated weight.
  • Large Process Vessels and Columns, which can be supplied fully dressed with insulation, platforms and
    ladders, pipe spooling, instrumentation and electrical fit-out to save time and cost of work that has generally been completed on site
  • Self Bunded Tanks, (Diesel, Aviation Fuel, Ethanol Storage)
  • Skid Mounted Systems, complete with spooling, instrumentation and electrical fit-out.
  • A Standard Product Range of Air Receiver Vessels from 157 litre to 5392 litre capacity
  • A Standard Product Range of Above Ground and Underground LPG Storage Vessels
  • We repair and replace existing pressure equipment (Exchanger Bundles and Vessel Components)
  • Large or complicated fabrications with tight manufacturing tolerances or welding of difficult materials.
  • Heat Treatment of Materials – Stress Relieving and Annealing operations on fabrications that can fit inside our furnace which is 5500 x 6000 x 18,000 long

Large Capacity Gas Storage Vessels constructed to Australian and Overseas Codes

Fusion-Weld is one the leading Australian designers and manufacturers of above ground and buried C02, LPG & Anhydrous Ammonia Storage Vessels, offering vessels with the most up to date and comprehensive range of control equipment to the Australian market.

Process Skids

Fusion-Weld will joint venture with Process designers and Lummus Technology to offer under our banner to Clients a complete turnkey design and manufacturing package on a Skid Mounted System, complete with Process Vessels, Exchangers, Interconnecting Pipe Spooling, Instrumentation and Electrical fit-out, with on site installation and commissioning

We have extensive experience on the manufacture of Skid Mounted systems required for:

  • Gas Compression
  • Gas Purification – Absorbent based (not Glycol based)
  • Gas Separation – CO2 Recovery; Gas Drying; Small Package Skids
  • MEA Plant – Using Kock Glitch for Column Design

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