The Importance of Frequent Inspections to Minimise Pressure Vessel Downtime

February 21, 2020

While any industrial equipment needs routine inspections and maintenance, this goes double for pressure vessels due to the fact that when they malfunction, personal injury and property damage can happen in the most severe situations. Remember that these vessels work by pressurising their contents at the right temperature.

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Important Safety Precautions When Operating Pressure Vessels

February 7, 2020

Pressure vessels can be dangerous to operate since they are large containers that store liquids or gases at high temperatures for various purposes. Also, the contents of these containers are kept at a higher pressure than the surrounding pressure. When the pressure is not monitored and maintained correctly, it can cause serious, if not lethal, issues.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: Optimal Cooling Solutions to Different Applications

January 20, 2020

Shell and tube heat exchangers are popular among many industrial and commercial applications for a good reason. For one thing, the cylindrical shells and their internally mounted tube stacks are efficient. That's a prominent feature, one that's been put to good use in steamy-hot boiler rooms. Interestingly enough, because they're so efficient, they've found a second important role, one that facilitates the cooling of excessively hot system fluids.

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The Importance of Pressure Vessel Inspection to Avoid Potential Explosion Hazard

January 7, 2020

Straight to the point, for this is too serious of a matter to tolerate any distractions, this post turns towards the possibility of an explosion hazard. The pressure vessel industry has worked hard to minimize such potentially life-threatening hazards. No other risk factor consumes the attention of a design engineer more than this prospect. Of course, there are contingency plans in place, but that's not enough, not nearly.

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