Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Storage Tank

March 8, 2022

With the continuous advancements in technology, different industries are now utilising various storage options in keeping their materials intact and unharmed. Though, most of them would still prefer storage tanks due to their associated benefits.

Storage tanks are still utilised by industries in keeping their materials due to their respectable storage capacity. Most of them are likewise made from strong and long-lasting materials, allowing industries to save a lot as they skip repetitive repair and replacement expenses. Storage tanks are also preferred in storing materials since they can be installed with helpful accessories.

In choosing the best storage tank for your application, you must consider the following factors.


One of the factors in choosing your storage tank is its materials. Different materials can be maximised in generating storage tanks. Some of them include fibreglass, plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. However, combining some of these materials can yield a storage tank that is beneficial for specific applications. For instance, if you will be holding different dry bulk materials, you may want to go for steel bolted tanks. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, alternatively, must be used for field and factory welded tanks.


Speaking of applications, you must choose your storage tank based on your intended application. Some tanks are designed to keep materials that are utilised in commercial buildings for a long time. Others, however, can easily hold harsh materials that are common with industrial sites. If you want to store materials in a tank for a long time and empty it occasionally, you must go for corrugated tanks. Bolted tanks, on the other hand, can be great for your application if you intend to store materials and utilise them regularly, requiring you to fill and empty the tanks daily.


Storage tanks may boast various specifications. Some may be smaller in diameter, while others may have a larger diameter. The height of storage tanks can also be modified according to one’s needs. Given that storage tanks can boast various dimensions, you must ensure that their installation area will be measured before opting for a storage tank. Measuring your available space allows you to opt for a storage tank that boasts the right height and diameter. But if you do not have any limit on your space, you may want to go for a tank with a large diameter and low height.


Apart from its installation area, your storage tank must be picked based on its resistance to surrounding elements and factors. Some of the factors that storage tank manufacturers would primarily consider are wind loads, roof loads, and seismic conditions. If your area is prone to seismic activity and wind loads, you must opt for a tank with a larger diameter and shorter height. A tank with industry-grade external coating, alternatively, must be picked if your business is in a coastal or industrial area. Considering your surroundings can grant you a tank that is cost-effective and resistant to damages.

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