Important Safety Precautions When Operating Pressure Vessels

February 7, 2020

Pressure vessels can be dangerous to operate since they are large containers that store liquids or gases at high temperatures for various purposes. Also, the contents of these containers are kept at a higher pressure than the surrounding pressure. When the pressure is not monitored and maintained correctly, it can cause serious, if not lethal, issues. While some may cause only damage to the vessel, other ones can cause physical harm and even death. To prevent these problems from occurring, the following important safety precautions must be taken at all times when operating pressure vessels.

In-Depth Knowledge and Training on Pressure Vessels

Everyone who handles and operates pressure vessels needs to learn extensive information about this equipment. They also should go through hands-on training to ensure that they know how to check the pressure of the vessels and maintain them along with installing and repairing them if this is part of their job description. On top of all this, they should know how to spot any issues. Never allow an untrained person to be in charge of one of these vessels since it will lead to numerous serious and possibly, deadly situations.

Installation of Protective Devices

Another precaution to take with pressure vessels is to install effective protective devices and to adjust them correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These devices range from safety valves to shutoff mechanisms for when the heat or pressure inside the vessels exceeds the allowable maximum level. You also can choose ones that are warning devices that emit light or sound signal to bring attention to issues.

A Full Comprehension of the Operating Conditions

People dealing with pressure vessels also need to fully understand about what the liquids or gases are in these containers, and whether they are flammable or toxic. Once they have this knowledge, they can know the operating conditions, such as the pressures and temperature that are necessary to safely use the vessels.

Performing Necessary Maintenance Regularly

To ensure that the pressure vessels work correctly at all times, they require maintenance regularly. Whoever is in charge of them, should develop an effective maintenance program for the whole pressure system of the vessels. This program needs to include watching the system for signs of over-pressurisation or under-pressurisation, a faulty safety valve and signs of corrosion and wear. If the problems are too great, it may call for replacing the vessels with new ones.

Follow all the above safety precautions and you will minimise your problems when operating pressure vessels. If you ignore them, it could lead to you making a serious mistake that leads to property damage, bodily injury and or death. Also, when purchasing new vessels, deal with only reputable companies.

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