A List of Equipment Covered by Fusion-Weld's Periodic In-Service Inspection Services

April 28, 2022

Many industrial buildings nowadays maximise pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other important equipment pieces to ensure that their applications can be carried out efficiently and safely.

What is common about industrial equipment pieces is they require regular inspection and maintenance to preserve their service life. They likewise need these types of servicing to prevent causing unwanted downtimes and emergency repairs, which are mostly expensive and time-consuming. One more reason why these services must be done is to ensure that they will not cause danger to the worksite. 

We, at Fusion-Weld Engineering, know the significance of industrial equipment pieces to businesses. Hence, we provide periodic in-service inspection services to a wide array of industrial equipment pieces. Some of the equipment pieces we cover are as follows.

Air Receiver Vessels

Air receiver vessels are designed to serve as optimal storage vessels for pressurised air. They are part of an air compression system that is utilised in commercial venues and industrial facilities. What is great about these vessels is they can effectively accommodate the peaks of demand from the system and alter it accordingly. They can also improve the running efficiency of the properties. 

Feedwater Vessels

As their name implies, feedwater vessels are heated storage units that intend to store feedwater. While they do not utilise a specific deaerating section, feedwater vessels can still work and act as cold-water makeup locations, condensate receivers, and a chemical injection point.


Deaerators are another equipment piece that we can inspect periodically. These mechanical devices can remove dissolved gases from boiler feedwater, ensuring that they will not damage steam systems. Deaerators can effectively remove corrosive gases by minimising the concentration level of dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Water Heaters

Water heaters used in commercial and industrial properties are designed to continuously heat a wide array of devices and equipment pieces. The purpose of their heating is to retain the longevity of the mentioned things. It can also minimise the wear and tear of equipment pieces that are normally used during operation hours.

Laundry Boilers

Laundry boilers are steam boilers that can heat the water used in laundry-related equipment pieces and tools. Once the laundry load increases, laundry boilers are expected to release more steam. Aside from heating the water, laundry boilers can also release steam to dry clothes. They likewise release the necessary heat for more specialised equipment such as irons and presses.

Transportable Pressure Vessels

Transportable pressure vessels are containers that can contain pressurised liquids or gases. Since they are transportable, they must be handled with care to prevent liquids or gases from leaking and causing catastrophic damage to the surroundings.

Other equipment pieces that our team can inspect periodically are auxiliary vessels, refrigeration and air conditioning pressure vessels, process pressure vessels, above ground bulk storage tanks, buried or mounded bulk storage tanks, shell and tube heat exchangers, and pressure piping systems. To know more about our services, you can call us at Fusion-Weld Engineering.

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