How Fusion Weld Keeps Up With AS-NZS ISO 9001:2008 Standard

December 14, 2022

The International Organization for Standardization initially released the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems in 1987. This standard was developed to ensure that enterprises satisfy all the requirements their customers and other stakeholders have set out. It is not a standard that is particular to either an industry or a product. Certification against ISO 9001 is open to all sizes and types of businesses and organisations.

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Boiler Equipment Safety Inspection During the Summer Season

December 2, 2022

It is a good idea to review the procedures that must be carried out before turning on boilers after they have been dormant for some time because the summer season is quickly approaching. Those responsible for the boiler operation might use this list as a reference, even though it does not include everything.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger's Application in the Petroleum Industry

November 22, 2022

A shell and tube heat exchanger is a form of heat exchanger that encloses a series of tubes within a tank intended to collect and transmit heat between two fluids. This type of heat exchanger is known as a shell and tube heat exchanger. The heat is provided by the shell and the tubes, which are meant to act in conjunction with one another.

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Game-Changing Industrial Fuel Storage Tanks and What They Can do (Part 1)

November 9, 2022

Tanks used for storing gas, oil, water, and other petrochemical compounds are known as industrial storage tanks. These tanks are utilised for use in industrial settings. A wide variety of sizes and configurations are available for industrial storage tanks. They can be constructed underground, horizontally, or vertically and built of concrete, stone, fibreglass, steel, or plastic. They can also be formed from any combination of these materials. Tanks used for storing substances in industrial settings may be divided into a few distinct categories, each determined by the nature of the chemical and other elements.

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Post-weld Heat Treatment in Pressure Vessels

October 26, 2022

PWHT (post-weld heat treatment) decreases the tensile residual stresses in a joint. It does not, however, decrease these levels to zero, and even in a very well-regulated thermal cycle, ultimate residual stress levels are unlikely to be much lower than 30% of the material yield strength. If tensile residual stress of, say, 100 MPa persists after PWHT, practically all applied fatigue cycles (assuming stress ranges less than 100 MPa) still result in totally tensile stresses at the weld toe and are wholly destructive.

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Self-Bunded Storage Tanks from Fusionweld: Everything You Need to Know

October 12, 2022

Self-bunded tanks are a type of gasoline storage tank that consists of an inner tank, an outer tank, and a space in between the two tanks. These tanks are also frequently referred to as double-walled tanks. A self-bundled tank is a tank that has another tank inside of it. It features double steel walls, making it possible to store petrol, diesel, and other liquids efficiently and securely. The leaks are contained within the gap between the inner tank and the exterior wall, lessening the likelihood that the product will be wasted or the environment will get contaminated.

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Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Petroleum Tanks

September 28, 2022

Products derived from petroleum, including gasoline, diesel fuel, biofuels, lubricating oils, and engine oils, are required for the successful operation of a company. Petroleum tanks are enormous, above-ground storage tanks capable of storing significant volumes of petroleum products. As the name indicates, these tanks store petroleum products.

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How Fusion Weld Observes and Applies Regulation For Pressure Vessel Inspections

September 9, 2022

The usage of pressure vessels is common in several engineering specialities, including mechanical engineering, pipeline engineering, risk engineering, and risk engineering practitioners. Owners and operators must ensure the integrity of any pressure vessels under their design parameters or operational conditions to guarantee everyone's safety. Owners, operators, and suppliers of pressure equipment in Australia must conform to national and international rules.

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What You Should Know About Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

August 25, 2022

Heat exchangers are machines that move thermal energy from one working fluid to another, whether the fluids being exchanged are solids, liquids, or gases. Heat may be transferred in all three states. These machines are vital for a wide variety of processes, including refrigeration, power generation, HVAC, and more; they come in a wide variety of forms and sizes and have the ability to either generate heat or remove it.

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Ensure Safety with Regular Pressure Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Service

August 9, 2022

The majority of pressure vessels in Australia are built by safety requirements established by recognised authorities, however, this does not ensure their long-term performance. Toxic and non-toxic fluids can be stored in pressure vessels, which may affect the environment in the short or long term. The vessels must be inspected and serviced regularly to avoid any form of accident.

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The Logic Behind a Skid Mounted System

July 29, 2022

Industrial equipment can be mounted on mobile platforms known as skid mounts, which are designed to make the movement and storage of the equipment more convenient and secure. Skid mounts can be framed, rail-mounted, or pallet-mounted. The future users of the equipment will benefit from the mobility, protection, and versatility provided by the equipment being permanently installed on a skid during manufacturing.

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Why It is Important to Invest in High-Quality Chemical Storage?

July 14, 2022

You must comply with environmental health, safety, and risk management requirements in whatever kind of enterprise or organisation you are a part of or manage since this is one of the most critical responsibilities that you have. This is particularly important for businesses that deal in the management of chemicals.

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Important Safety Tips for Large Capacity Gas Storage

June 30, 2022

Rather than relying on outward methods of gasoline delivery, large-capacity gas storage tanks offer an option. For manufacturing or fleet use, the fuel tank is located on a private business site. To avoid the requirement for commercial gasoline storage facilities, machines and vehicles can obtain fuel on the spot.

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Important Things You Need to Know About Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks

June 14, 2022

It is important to know what sort of fuel you have, how much you use it, and whether or not it is classified as combustible or flammable. Design guidelines for diesel storage tanks, including size and installation best practices are discussed in this article.

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The Importance of Periodic Inspection of Above Ground Storage Tanks

May 31, 2022

Many industries today utilise different types of gases in conducting their operations. These gases include liquified petroleum gas (LPG), carbon dioxide (CO2), and ammonia.

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The Essence of Pipe Spooling and How It is Fabricated

May 13, 2022

Industrial buildings maximise a piping system to ensure that their operations can be conducted optimally. What makes this system relevant to these buildings is that it has the necessary components that can help transport materials safely.

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A List of Equipment Covered by Fusion-Weld's Periodic In-Service Inspection Services

April 28, 2022

Many industrial buildings nowadays maximise pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other important equipment pieces to ensure that their applications can be carried out efficiently and safely.

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Why You Should Choose Fusion-Weld Engineering as Your Pressure Equipment Supplier?

April 11, 2022

Many industries nowadays rely on a wide variety of liquids and gases to conduct their industrial operations. Some of these elements may not cause any harm to the surroundings. Others, however, require to be held and stored in a container to prevent catastrophic damages to the worksite.

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Main Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Material for Static Pressure Vessels

March 29, 2022

When it comes to storing liquids, vapours, and gases at a specific pressure level, a wide array of industries would often maximise pressure vessels due to their well-crafted design and specifications.

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Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Storage Tank

March 8, 2022

With the continuous advancements in technology, different industries are now utilising various storage options in keeping their materials intact and unharmed. Though, most of them would still prefer storage tanks due to their associated benefits.

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Uses and Differences Between Single and Double-Skinned Horizontal Tanks

February 25, 2022

Tanks are generally designed to load, store, and dispense liquid materials. Some of the most common liquid materials they can handle are water, oil, and food products.

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An Overview of the Five Hazard Levels in Pressure Vessels and Equipment

February 11, 2022

As defined by the AS 4343 standards, pressure equipment hazard levels do exist as a living document. One meant to identify the risk factors that accompany this field of activity. By risks, we're referring to the immense pressures and volumes that shape this potentially dangerous industry. We deal in certainties and probabilities, and consequences and methods annulling these potential consequences. What are these levels?

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Electrical Fit-out Configuration in Specialised Tanks and Vessels

January 28, 2022

There are limitless configuration possibilities for pressure vessels and storage units. The systems integrate a variety of specifications designed to link mechanical assemblies together, maximising flow or isolating entire subsystems.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on Proper Pressure Vessel Design and Management

January 10, 2022

As a rule, management types operate from behind a desk. Management systems services leave that cosy environment behind. The supervisory body gets down and dirty as they arrange for pressure vessels inspections. Other than that, the management team regulates the certification process, develops material testing programs, and oversee every stage of the vessel's design. The project has been procured, so let's get the management system services rolling.

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