Avoid the Chaos of On-Site Fabrication

January 24, 2013

A skid mounted system is any process implement, operational device or system that can help a plant save time and money, or increase flexibility by assembling a group of modular pieces together as a single unit. Some examples of skid mounted systems are:

  • Gas Compression
  • Gas Purification – Absorbent based
  • Gas Separation – CO2 Recovery; Gas Drying; Small Package Skids
  • MEA Plant – Using Kock Glitch for Column Design

All of these systems fall under the canopy of skid mounted systems, and all Process Vessels, Exchangers, Interconnecting Pipe Spooling, Instrumentation and Electrical fit-out and testing is done prior to shipment and follows with onsite installation and commissioning.

Skid mounted systems are an alternative to the chaos associated with on-site fabrication and has many benefits when off-site fabrication is employed. In other words, a skid is an entire "process system in a box." It arrives at the processing facility ready to be plugged into a power source and utilities with very little construction required. There is very little production interruption and any unforeseen delays in start-up and operation can be discovered and corrected before the equipment ever leaves the manufacturers facility.

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