Main Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Material for Static Pressure Vessels

March 29, 2022

When it comes to storing liquids, vapours, and gases at a specific pressure level, a wide array of industries would often maximise pressure vessels due to their well-crafted design and specifications. 

Quality pressure vessels can hold these elements at a pressure higher or lower than the ambient pressure as they are made from very durable materials. They can likewise carry out their primary purpose as they have been tested multiple times, ensuring that they do not leak their content and cause problems to the surroundings.

One type of pressure vessel that is maximised by industries today is the static pressure vessel. A static pressure vessel stores linear loads at a pressure that goes beyond their ambient pressure. In selecting the right material for these vessels, you must thoroughly consider the following factors.


One factor to consider in selecting the material for your static pressure vessel is strength. Ideally, your static pressure vessel must resist the internal and external pressures of your applications. Even the structural stresses should be handled by your static pressure vessel. By using a strong material, your static pressure vessel can easily handle all the stresses that may be present in your application.

Resistance to Corrosion

Another factor you should consider in choosing your static pressure vessel’s material is corrosion resistance. Many materials used for static pressure vessels may possess the needed strength for various stresses. However, only a few of them can withstand and deter corrosion. Corrosion occurs in metals once exposed to corrosive elements like ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen oxides. If your chosen metal can withstand these elements, expect your vessel to last for a long time.


Static pressure vessels may boast various design specifications that can match the needs of industries. However, not all metals can be flexible. Hence, you must opt for a metal that can be machined and welded easily so that you can attain your needed static pressure vessels. Aside from ease of fabrication, you must also go for a metal that can be installed and maintained easily to minimise expenses.

Return on Investment

Static pressure vessels are significantly helpful for industries that store liquids and gases. Therefore, industries would surely invest in these vessels to maintain their operations. Now, if you truly want to yield a high return on investment with your static pressure vessels, you must opt for a material that is durable, easy to fabricate and maintain, and resistant to elements. Fortunately, you can already determine the profitability of your chosen material through evaluations and assessments.

Different quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals can now be used in crafting static pressure vessels. To know more about these vessels, you can call us at Fusion-Weld Engineering.

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