Pressure Vessels and Their Role in our Daily Lives

Mar 3, 2014

Do you have a hot water system at home? Are you sure they have been installed safely? If you have been using it for a long time, do you still think it is safe? These water heater systems have built-in security features and if they malfunction, the result will lead to internal pressure to build up and your tank may explode.

A hot water system tank is one of the many samples of simple pressure vessels. The most basic household heater is comparatively tiny when matched with industrial tanks, plus it does not contain any chemical threats, just plain hot water. However, even the simplest pressure vessels such as your water heater tanks also have the tendency to explode.

The application and utilization of pressure vessels is definitely in high demand. Although a lot of people are unaware of what pressure vessels are and what they are being used for, their application is definitely essential to our daily existence. Where there is an unending need for natural gas, petroleum products, cooling, and heat, there will always be a requirement for pressure vessels. These containers are necessary to keep a lot of industries running. At the same time, pressure vessels are used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hospitals, food processing, breweries, water treatment, and innumerable other applications that help improve the way we live. Actually, any type of piping, component, or tank that has been made to hold pressure that is pegged at 15 psi or more should be subject the guidelines for boilers and pressure vessels.

Some of the many examples of where pressure vessels are needed include distillation towers, recompression chambers, petrochemical plants, mining operations, nuclear reactor vessels, space ship habitats, submarines, and storage vessels for liquefied gases such as chlorine, ammonia, butane, propane, and liquefied petroleum gas. One of the major industries where pressure vessels have become essentially important is oil refineries. In this specific industry, pressure vessels are usually maximized and pushed to their capacity limits. In many refineries, pressure vessels are used in various types of services which includes the storage of feed and other products and on separators and reactors.

With all these utilization of pressure vessels, different inspection techniques are usually applied to guarantee that the different machines do not fail prematurely.

And so, the next time you turn on your gas stove or grill, always remember that thousands of hours of design and engineering efforts were put in the manufacture of the pressure vessel that you are currently using.

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