Skid Mounted Systems for Oil and Gas Industries: Achieve Mobility and Flexibility

March 6, 2024

Skid Mounted Systems

Discover skid mounted systems by Fusion-Weld Engineering for oil and gas industries. Streamline operations in the field with their mobility and flexibility.

The remote and challenging environments of the oil and gas industry can be optimised with the use of skid mounted systems. These systems have emerged as a popular solution that offers mobility and flexibility for various applications in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. With Fusion-Weld Engineering’s help, skid mounted systems can provide tons of benefits that can help optimise the operations of the oil and gas industries.

What are Skid Mounted Systems?

Skid mounted systems are comprised of equipment, machinery, and components mounted on a steel frame or skid, allowing for easy transportation and installation in the field. These systems are pre-assembled and tested in a controlled environment before being transported to the job site, minimising downtime and ensuring rapid deployment.

Skid mounted systems are commonly used for a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry. Specifically, skid mounted systems can be used for oil and gas wells, including wellhead control panels, separators, and dehydration units. Skid mounted processing modules can also be used for gas treatment, oil refining, and water treatment, including compression, dehydration, and filtration systems.

Skid mounted units are likewise maximised for chemical injection applications, which include corrosion inhibition, scale prevention, and flow assurance in production and pipeline operations. Lastly, skid mounted metering and custody transfer systems are maximised for accurate measurement and allocation of oil, gas, and water production volumes.

Skid Mounted Systems: Benefits

The oil and gas industries maximise skid mounted systems as they boast the following benefits.

• Enhanced Safety: Skid mounted systems are designed with safety in mind, integrating features such as integrated safety guards, emergency shutdown systems, and remote monitoring capabilities to enhance operational safety and mitigate risks in hazardous environments.

• Assured Mobility: Skid mounted systems can simplify transportation with a truck or trailer, allowing them to be quickly mobilised to remote or inaccessible locations. Their mobility is especially beneficial for offshore operations, remote well sites, and temporary installations where conventional infrastructure is limited or restricted.

• Guaranteed Flexibility: Skid mounted systems offer flexibility in design and configuration, allowing for customisation to meet specific project requirements. Modular components can be easily integrated or modified to accommodate changes in production volumes, operating conditions, or regulatory requirements, which provides adaptability and scalability as needed.

• Cost-Effective: Skid mounted systems reduce overall project costs by reducing onsite construction and installation time. Offsite fabrication and assembly in a controlled environment improve quality control and reduce labour costs related to traditional field construction methods.

• Huge Time Savings: Skid-mounted systems can be pre-engineered, prefabricated, and pre-tested offsite, significantly reducing project timelines. Rapid deployment and commissioning accelerate project schedules, enabling faster production startup and revenue generation.

Skid mounted systems offer oil and gas industries a versatile solution for achieving mobility, flexibility, and efficiency in remote and challenging environments. With Fusion-Weld Engineering’s help, you can optimise resource utilisation, minimise downtime, and maximise production output in your dynamic and demanding operating conditions in the oil and gas industries.

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