Types of Heat Exchangers

April 30, 2014

The types of heat exchangers or products that allow for the transfer of heat into metals or other types of materials include heat exchanger machines like the plate exchanger of heat that can be used in the passage of heat through a material without problems of heat needs or amount of heat required for heat exchange through metals or other mediums. Another type of heat exchanger is the fusion weld heat exchanger. The fusion weld is a special welding technique that is, actually, patented. The method uses techniques that resist fatigue at higher levels of both mechanical and thermal materials. Another type of heat exchanger is called the all weld that separates hot and cold liquids using welds instead of gaskets.

The fusion weld type of heat exchanger is used in mass production industries. There are various types of fusion weld heat exchangers depending on the industry and the product being made. The fusion weld heat exchanger is preferred to other types of heat exchangers because of its safety features that allow very high temperature liquids and materials to be used in the manufacturing of products.

By separating hot and cold liquids safely, the fusion weld heat exchangers allow faster production yields and longer production yields without the need of cooling off the machine.

The types of heat exchangers that use welds instead of gaskets can manage both high temperature heat as well as high pressures of liquids use welding methods to braze or seal the plates used in heat exchangers. There are many industries that need fusion weld method of heat exchangers. Even the food industry as well as in the manufacture of many heat and beauty aids use fusion weld heat exchangers since the fusion weld heat exchanger allow for continuous operation of the product. The industry that uses mass production machines use fusion weld heat exchangers.

The fusion weld heat exchanger keeps hot and cold liquids separate. The fusion weld allows for the elements to stay in their own temperature. The joining of the liquids can proceed without overheating and other mechanical problems that are common when using gaskets as the heat exchanger.

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