Why You Should Choose Fusion-Weld Engineering as Your Pressure Equipment Supplier?

April 11, 2022

Many industries nowadays rely on a wide variety of liquids and gases to conduct their industrial operations. Some of these elements may not cause any harm to the surroundings. Others, however, require to be held and stored in a container to prevent catastrophic damages to the worksite.

Liquids and gases, fortunately, can be stored inside a pressure vessel. A pressure vessel is an equipment that can hold and store liquids and gases at optimum pressure and temperature. The pressure inside the vessel may be lower or higher than the ambient pressure, making sure that its content will not leak, react violently to the surroundings, and cause catastrophic damages.

The design and specifications of pressure vessels can be delicate. Hence, they must be created and manufactured by a reputable company. If you want to obtain quality pressure vessels and equipment pieces, you must choose us, Fusion-Weld Engineering, as your main supplier. Here are some notable reasons you must pick us as your pressure equipment supplier.

Decades of Experience

With around two decades of experience in the design, manufacture, and repair of pressure equipment, our company can guarantee you products that are durable, functional, and long-lasting. Our pressure equipment pieces and vessels are manufactured appropriately as we handle their design and creation process in a fully equipped facility. We also manage to hire and employ design engineers who can evaluate the products that we offer by utilising various engineering software. All these elements allow our company to serve various clients for a long time.

Accredited and Certified

Another reason why you must get us as your partner supplier as we have all the necessary accreditation and certification to design, manufacture, and supply pressure equipment pieces. We are AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 accredited, which confirms that we can safely meet the standards and requirements of customers and stakeholders. We likewise conform to the requirements nominated in AS/NZS 3788 as it is a mandatory requirement of the WH&S Regulation Act 2011.

High-Quality Offerings

Given our experience and reputation in manufacturing and supplying pressure equipment pieces, we can easily carry out services you may need aside from obtaining our products. Our specialists can inspect, remedy, and repair pressure vessels and their related components. We can also check and review UT material thickness against design parameters so we can verify the remaining life of equipment pieces. We can likewise perform a visual inspection by using flexible or articulated cameras, which can be very helpful in recording hard-to-reach areas.

Wide Product Coverage

One more reason you must choose us is we can cover a wide array of pressure equipment pieces and vessels. We can cover compressed air receiver vessels, deaerators and feedwater vessels, water heaters, auxiliary vessels, laundry boilers, refrigeration and air conditioning pressure vessels, laundry boilers, buried or mounded bulk storage tanks, shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure piping systems, and transportable pressure vessels.

To acquire our services, you can call us at Fusion-Weld Engineering.

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